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Meeting Lesley Craigie at the Music Academy International transformed my life and my path as a singer. I graduated college with no perspective of what was next....Today I am happy to say that I am a first year artist at AVA.Thank you Lesley!    

Monique Galvão , mezzo-soprano

To find someone with her knowledge, patience, understanding and guidance is rare these days! 

Carl Tanner, international tenor

Lesley Craigie Anselmi is a person of great substance, intelligence, ethics, and kindness. Specifically, she possesses great wisdom in all things operatic, and as someone who lived on both sides of the audition table, she has a perspective that in uniquely beneficial to anyone desiring a career in the opera world. Lesley is known for treating people with honesty and with kindness. She is a great asset to the opera world.

Neal Goren, conductor and author of "Beyond the Aria: Artistic Self-Empowerment for the Classical Singer.

I highly recommend Lesley as a teacher! I Having been a performer, teacher and successful opera manager, she is able to bring to the table a rare objective outlook to the opera business.

Willam Schuman, Voice teacher, Academy of Vocal Arts, Curtis Institute of Music

Lesley is not only an extraordinary asset to those she works with, but also a brilliant, kind, and loving human being. Having experience on both sides of the audition panel, she is invaluable to young singers. Lesley is personally committed to the growth and success of her students, her industry, and music in the world. I absolutely recommend hiring her!

Ellen Broen, Life Coach and Mezzo-soprano

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