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Voice studio

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I teach singers of all abilities , from young beginners who are learning to believe in themselves and discover their voices , up to post graduate singers who are starting to embark on an exciting career on the stage.  Though I am a classically trained professional,  you don't have to be (or want to be) a classical singer to have lessons.  Through teaching a  combination of  vocal technique (breathing, support and voice placement) alongside vocal and dramatic interpretation, the voice can reach its optimal potential in order to serve and feel the music. These skills are key, regardless of the style of music you enjoy singing, whether it be Broadway musicals, folk song , or opera.

My aim is  to encourage my students to  gain the confidence needed to be able to focus on freedom of artistic expression and feeling the music. The joy I receive from helping my students on their journey of self discovery and watching them shine is a true blessing. For more information on both my professional and teaching experience please see my biography here: 



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